Have you been laid off?  Are the minimum payments on your credit card balances becoming unmanageable?  Have you already fallen behind on your mortgage payments?  If so, you are definitely not alone.  As of August 2011, 25.6% of households in Miami-Dade County were more than 90 days late on their mortgage payments.  If any of these issues are plaguing you and your family, bankruptcy may be the solution.

Filing for bankruptcy no longer has the negative connotations it may have had in years passed.  Today, it is an effective tool to resolve financial hardships faced by many American households.  At the initial consultation, our bankruptcy lawyers will review, amongst other things, your current household income and your assets and liabilities.  We will then advise you as to whether you qualify for a Chapter 7, or whether filing a Chapter 13 might be in your best interest.








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