When you need to hire a Miami criminal lawyer

Being charged for a crime can leave you confused and intimidated, which is why you ought to seek immediate assistance from a Miami criminal lawyer. An experienced lawyer can defend you throughout the criminal justice process if you intend to dispute any charges. Criminal law is one […]

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Why hire the best criminal lawyer in Miami

One of the first persons you need to get in touch with when charged with a criminal offence of any nature is a Miami criminal lawyer. What you need is quality legal representation from a lawyer that has the knowledge, skills, and resources to handle cases in […]

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4 Key Questions to Ask a DUI Lawyer in Miami

Before you settle for a DUI lawyer in Miami, you need to ask the following questions. How long have you been practicing and what is your experience dealing with such cases? Find out how experienced the attorney is and for how long he is been practicing. The […]

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Why you should Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Miami

Sometimes the prospect of representing yourself may come to mind and you may decide not to have a criminal defense lawyer in Miami to represent you. While to some this may seem like a viable option especially because they believe they are innocent, it is a choice […]

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Get instant help from a Miami criminal lawyer when you need it most

When charged with a criminal offence of any nature, it is important to seek quality legal representation from a Miami criminal lawyer. Every criminal prosecution is unique and requires the knowledge, skills, and proper interpretation of criminal law which can only come from an aggressive lawyer experienced […]

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Find a Miami criminal lawyer that does not just work for you but with you

If you face criminal charges against you or are about to be charged under the criminal code, it would be prudent to get in touch with an experienced Miami based criminal lawyer right away. When you are suddenly summoned for police interrogation you may not know how […]

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DUI – Getting Arrested for DUI

Being arrested for DUI is a very traumatic event. Unlike other crimes, which takes a consciouse decison, a DUI can occur to anyone who had a few drinks or no drinks at all. The crime as charged requires that the person be driving or in actual physical […]

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Dorta & Ortega Successful in Legal Malpractice Case

Dorta & Ortega, P.A. were successful in obtaining a 2 million dollar settlement on Legal Malpractice case. Although the terms of the settlement were confidential, the lawyers from multiple firms failed to adhere to the standard of care and chose to settle rather than take their chances […]

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