When you need to hire a Miami criminal lawyer

Being charged for a crime can leave you confused and intimidated, which is why you ought to seek immediate assistance from a Miami criminal lawyer. An experienced lawyer can defend you throughout the criminal justice process if you intend to dispute any charges. Criminal law is one of the most complex laws, where any misinterpretation or failure to understand your rights could cost you dearly as a defendant. If you face or have been charged with felony that can attract a year and more in prison you definitely need aggressive legal representation. Criminal attorneys in Miami, FL understand the intricacies of criminal law and are in a position to assist you prior to commencement of your trial as well. They could challenge your arrest and contest for your release on a reduced bail.

Challenge any claim to probable cause
When it comes to serious offences like DUI, the state prosecution takes a severe stance against offenders. If you face DUI charges or have been convicted you ought to seek immediate aid from a DUI lawyer in Miami. Your lawyer will be able to analyze your case and discuss the pros and cons of going to trial and conduct proper investigations that could often prove beneficial in your case. Remember, an arrest doesn’t deem that you have been charged with a crime. Law enforcement agencies may conduct an arrest if they have probable cause which is reasonable suspicion that a specific crime has been committed. In this case, you can challenge the claim to probable cause with the help of a criminal defense lawyer in Miami, FL.

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